Pizza Toppings


Here at Tasty Chicken Products, we are always looking to branch into other aspects of the wholesale food business. Our standards do not stop with chicken and due to demand within the industry, we have taken the step to become a pizza toppings supplier. We now offer the following mouth-watering pizza toppings:

• Beef Pepperoni
• BBQ Chicken
• Chicken Tikka
• Plain Chicken
• Spicy Beef
• Tandoori Chicken
• Turkey Julienne

Product Name Pack Size Pallet Qty
Pizza Toppings – Beef Pepperoni 1kg 6
Pizza Toppings – BBQ Chicken 1kg 10
Pizza Toppings – Chicken Tikka 1kg 10
Pizza Toppings – Plain Chicken 1kg 10
Pizza Toppings – Spicy Beef 1kg 10
Pizza Toppings – Tandoori Chicken 1kg 10
Pizza Toppings – Turkey Julienne 1kg 10
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