Chicken Portions


Our chicken portions are versatile enough for any fast food or restaurant menu. Chicken portions remain a firm favourite with our customers and their customers alike, and it’s clear to see why – they’re simple, delicious, and when you order from us, you can be sure that the chicken is of the highest quality that’s unmatched by other chicken suppliers.

Our cooked chicken portions come in a variety of cuts, including breast, legs, drumsticks and halves. Depending on your requirements, they can be purchased in smaller or larger sizes based on the average weight of each portion.

Please note that this product can be offered as Halal.

Product Name Pack Size Pallet Qty
Chicken Portions – Breast (12-14oz) x28 40 boxes
Chicken Portions – Breast (14-16oz) x24 40 boxes
Chicken Portions – Halves (16-18oz) x20 40 boxes
Chicken Portions – Halves (18-22oz) x16 40 boxes
Chicken Portions – Drumsticks x48 70 boxes
Chicken Portions – Drumsticks x25 40 boxes
Chicken Portions – Legs (12-14oz) x20 70 boxes
Chicken Portions – Legs (10-12oz) x40 40 boxes
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