Chicken Portions

Renowned for their quality, all of our portions are put through a cooking process whereby the end product retains its nutritional benefits whilst still giving the end user a succulent tasty meal.

Cooked Chicken PortionsPack SizePallet Quantity
Chicken Breasts Portions 14oz-16 ozx2460 boxes
Chicken Breasts Portions 12oz-14 oz x2860 boxes
Cooked Chicken Mixed PortionsPack SizePallet Quantity
Mixed (breasts & leg) 14oz-16oz18x1060 boxes
Mixed (breasts & leg) 12oz-14oz14x1460 boxes
Cooked Chicken Leg Portions Pack SizePallet Quantity
Chicken Legs 12oz-14oz x2080 boxes
Cooked Chicken Halves Pack SizePallet Quantity
Cooked Halves 18oz-22oz x1649 boxes
Cooked Halves 14oz-16oz x2049 boxes
Cooked Chicken DrumsticksPack SizePallet Quantity
Cooked Drumsticksx4880
Cooked Drumsticksx25lb 80